Meet Our Family

Aloha! We’re Dennis and Kathy, owners of “On the Beach in Maui” and your friendly guides to an incredible Maui vacation.

Don’t let our flip-flops fool you. We bought our first Maui rental in 2007—then our second in 2009—and all those years of renting to guests have taught us a lot about professional hospitality. If you stay at one of our condos, you can count on a space that is well-stocked and spotless, with high-quality, allergen-free linens and careful attention to detail. Even with the beach (and all of its sand) in our backyard, our professional cleaners are experts at keeping the condos looking their best.

Our goal is to cultivate lasting relationship with our guests and their families by providing direct, personal service. We make an introductory call to our new guests—before money changes hands—giving you the opportunity to get to know the people behind the business.

As for us, we live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have three grown children. We want to ensure you have a truly memorable trip, so if there is anything we can do to help or questions we can answer, please let us know.

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Why Book Direct

In our many years as vacation rental owners—listing our properties on VRBO from its early days as a company—we have seen significant changes.

The big travel booking sites have turned what used to be a personal interaction between guests and property owners into a digital one. All communication and payment has to happen within their platforms. You must use their credit processor, too, and pay a service fee for it. And now they charge the guest a booking fee, to boot.

We understand the need for businesses—especially public companies—to control their process and increase profits.
But this shift has turned vacation renting into a commodity, diluting the market and lowering guest expectations in favor of competitive rates. Our concern became: will guests who appreciate the quality experience we provide even be able to find On the Beach in Maui?

That’s why, after thinking it through, we decided to end our 12-year relationship with VRBO and remove our condos from the booking sites altogether. We weren’t sure what would happen, but the fact that you’re reading this means you found us, anyway, and that’s great news.